The Golden Rules

Use our Recipe Converter as different types of flour have different mass.
Oven temperature – temperature should be uniform; not all ovens are the same
Yeast must be fresh and active; watch water temperature when dissolving, allow enough rising time
Water – ensure amount and temperature are optimal
When the dough will not rise, you can add 20 g of gluten to the recipe
Your dough will rise best in a floured or greased bowl or basket.
When dough has doubled in bulk, place it on parchment paper or a greased baking sheet.
For a nice crust, brush or spray the loaves and buns with water before baking and place a heat resistant bowl with water in the oven.
When you produce your dough by hand, it´s easier to stir half of the flour in the liquid and stir. When smooth, knead in the remaining flour.
You can freeze half of a loaf to always have fresh bread.
Using Opa Willy‘s Sourdough, you can bake delicious homemade breads with the taste you desire, each and every time.

Makes 6 x 12” thin-crust pizzas or 3 breads/baguettes!

A sourdough bread with a nutty twist!

“The Bread Recipe for Dummies.”

You use cold water, only a tiny bit of yeast and no kneading is required! It’s that simple…